Cordial Communications helps you make the impact you want

The values of Cordial Communications are portrayed in its name – genuine, sincere and open. I believe these values are a basis for successful interaction wherever you go.

Successful interaction is a competitive advantage for a company. It builds trust with potential customers as well as with your own employees. Investing in communications and interaction pays off.

To Cordial Communications I bring my international work experience, leadership skills and desire to help others to succeed. I am solution oriented and I always keep the long-term goal in sight, whatever the challenge.

International communications expertise at your service

Cordial Communications can help you make the impact you want.

These examples portray the variety of services I provide:

  • Communications strategy and coordination of a revamp of a website for an international SME.
  • Key messages (in Finnish and English) for various companies.
  • Coordination of a visual image and communications practices for a multicultural association.
  • Consultation for production of crisis communications guidance for a company with a turnover over 200 million euros.
  • Crisis communications training for various companies.
  • Communications especially to decision makers in a EU Project (forest research)
  • Training in multicultural communications for a course on international trade.

References and more information

A list of customer references is available on request. My customers include businesses, public organisations and EU projects. You can find more about me here.